5.03 Roll Call Summary

Rollcall Management >> Roll Call Sumary

The Roll Call Summary is a collation of a roll call category for any defined period of time.

Selecting the Roll Call category and data range will produce an aggregated report for all roll call results taken in the time range for the category.

REACH presents this infomation as a chart with aggregated counts for each grade and dorm.  

For the sample to the left the following data has been collected.

33 Blue is the number of students that were on the roll call list for the Wieler Dorm

29 Green is the number of students that were marked as present

1 Orange tells us that one student was on approved leave

3 Red tells us that three students were marked absent.  

Clicking on the Red list will open up to identify the students who were marked absent and clikink on the student name will open the student history for that student.