4.07 Group Leave Events

Creating Group Leave events is a standard feature that is available in the Create New Leave Request screen for faculty.


Group Leave can only be used with Leave Types that do not require Hosts in the approval workflow. 
It is not possible for REACH to identify and collate the multiple host selections possible for groups of students.

Clicking on the Group Leave Icon in the Boarder Name field of the Leave Request Form will open the group selector so that multiple students can be selected for the leave request.

You can select any group of students for the Group Leave request by clicking on them in the list of students below the name selector.

Searching for individuals is possible in the name selector or you can filter your list of names to select from by selecting any combination of the student group filter selections.  

You can select all in a displayed list of students by using the select all icon beside the name selector field.

REACH creates multiple leave requests

Once the leave request have been saved, REACH will create a individual leave request for each student selected and the normal permissions workflow for the leave type selected will be followed for each student.