4.04 Quotas for Leave

Find it:  System Configuration >> Quotas

REACH has the ability to set quotas for leave requests with customised rules or consequences for each quota rule. 

You can set three leave quotas as part of your standard REACH subscription and you can set unlimited quotas if you purchase the REACH Extension Module for Quotas ($99 per annum).

How to set Leave as part of a Quota

1.  Create your Quota and set your consequences in your System Configuration>>Quotas (Section 11.06)

2.  In the Quotas Tab of your Leave Type Configuration set whether a Leave Type counts as an event towards any Quota in your Leave Type Configuration.

Multiple Quota Relationships

1.  You can have more than one Leave Type count towards an individual Quota total,   and

2.  Each Leave Type can count towards more than one Quota Total