3.03 Student History

The student history tab provides rapid access to historic records via expandable viewing panels for

  • Leave History
  • SISO History
  • Roll Call History
  • Pastoral Note History

These views are available in Day - Week - Month - All Time views

Leave History

Leave History shows all leave events that a student has taken.  Clicking on a leave event will open the leave event details screen where an audit trail of the leave creation, approvals process, departure and return to school can be identified.


SISO History

The SISO history shows all movements of the student to locations on and off campus for the selected period.  Locations are colour coded to match the location colour that is set in your System Configuration and summary details for the SISO event are listed with the record.

Roll Call History

The Roll Call history shows a full record of Roll Call for the student for the selected period.

Hovering over any individual record will provide details about the item including the Roll Call Category, the time/date stamp, who recorded the roll call event and also any note that was placed against the student's record.

Pastoral Notes History

A record of any behaviour or pastoral notes written to the student's record is also visible in the Student History tab.  Records are colour coded to identify their cardinality and clicking on the event will open the record where you can review the details and additonal notes to the record.