3.01 Student Details Sidebar

The Student Details screen shows the following:

  • Current Location of the student

Quick Connect Icons

  • Restriction status of the student and access to creating restrictions
  • Email to student
  • Edit Student Details
  • Pastoral Points -  current score

Metadata details

  • House/Dorm
  • Year/Grade
  • Student mobile phone number
  • Student email address
  • Student home address (with link to GPS map)
  • Student's birthday


User Defined Fields (UDFs)

  • User Defined Fields are custom fields that are created by your school and can provide important reference information on the student's profile. 
  • UDFs can also generate an icon on the image of the student on the Kiosk view
  • See User Defined Fields for more information on how to use UDFs.



  • A student's Quota count is displayed for any existing quotas in the system
  • Quotas can be used to limit the number of Leave or Location movements a student can make over a period of time (eg: Afternoon Quick Leave to local shopping centre limited to 3 visits per week)
  • See Quotas for more information on how to use Quotas.