2.08 Metrics View

Find it:  Dashboards >> Metrics View

The REACH Metrics Dashboard is the landing page when you log into REACH. This will display a range of relevant information for the happenings in your school.

Boarder by Location

The locator displays all of your student population with an on/off campus count and an interactive pie chart showing were all students are currently located.

Clicking on a section of the chart will bring up a list of students in that location.

Clicking on a student name will open the Student Sidebar for that student to display their details and activity history.Your Metrics dashboard is the landing page when you log into REACH.  this will display a range of relevant information for the happenings in your school.

Activity Metrics

The Activity Metrics widget displays a summary of events that are going on or have been created in your school portal. This includes current counts for the day for Leave events (Pending and Approved), Student movements (Arrivals and Departures), Number of Rollcalls conducted and The number of Pastoral records created.

 Meals Count

The Meals widget displays the number of meals that will be required for the upcoming meal times.  THis is based on the profile of student leave events and REACH knowing who will be on or off campus.  

You can display this number ot include or hide Pending leave events and you can share this count with the catering department easily by clicking on the Email to Kitchen button (this send email to the email address that is set in your System Configuration >> Kitchen setting).

You can also add or subtract Late Meals by clicking on the clock icon below each individual meal count.

Student Birthdays

The Birthdays widget displays any upcoming birthdays for your students as a reminder to staff.


Any news items that are published by staff or administrators in REACH are displayed in the News widget.

RSS Feed

You can link any RSS feeds that you may want to access to keep up to date into your REACH portal also.