2.03 Boarder Summary Dashboard

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The Boarder Summary Dashboard is the beginning of the future for viewing individual student profiles in REACH. Whilst they have been available on REACH portals since April 2019, there are many users who have not used them yet or who have not made then available to users via your accessibility settings.

The goal of the Boarder Summary dashboard is to provide a location where we can begin to build the holistic view of your boarders, displaying all of their REACH transactions in additional to creating linked views for information regarding your boarding students from outside of the REACH system. 

The first of these external information pages to be displayed in the Boarder Summary is the Wellbeing page which links into the Positive Education framework of Flourishing for Schools.  Schools using the Flourishing for Schools product can see student menu item for the student.


The associations page displays all of the associated contacts to for each student. 

Associations can be Parents, Guardians or Hosts that are approved to act as a Guardian of the student for off campus leave events.

Contact details and address are available for each associated contact.

Clicking on the edit icon any contact's profile will open the contact's details for editing.


The Pastoral view provides a list of recorded pastoral and wellbeing notes for each student.  Pastoral notes can be created from the Pastoral note form or frrm Staff Duty Reports and additional follow up noted to original records will be displayed with an original note.

Note .. Visibility for medical notes, medication records and wellbeing records can be determined on a per user basis.




SISO records

In Reach, SISO stands for 'Sign in | Sign out' and the SISO summary is a timeline view showing all of the locations movements that each student has made in their daily boarding life.

I significant feature update to this screen will occur in September with the addition of SISO insight which will allow you to select a location that as student was at on their timeline and to then view all a list showing all of the other students that were at that location at the same time.

Also, in October schools will be given the opportunity to optionally share this SISO timeline with parents and guardians.


The Rollcall screen shows a list of all rollcalls or registers that have been taken involving the student and their status in that rollcall or register.

Hovering over any individual item will display the details of the particular item listing the date/time, category, who marked the student in the event and, if present, any notes that were written to the student's profile in the rollcall or register.



The Leave History view provides a full list of all leave items that the student has taken. This includes Exeat leave events and Quick Leave events.

This view provides a significant improvement over the Student Sidebar view because it provides for a full view of all relevant information for a leave event without having to open the event details screen up to view them.


The Wellbeing view taps into the Flourishing in Schools system which is an application external to REACH. Schools using the Flourishing in Schools platform can connect their Flourishing portals to REACH so that the student profile displays the wellbeing report that is available in the Flourishing product.

This screen is a demonstration of what is possible in the Boarder Summary dashbord, where REACH can capture and display to boarding staff information from external systems so that boarding staff can access more relevant information about a student to help them to ensure awareness and to provide better care.

Contact REACH if you would like to investigate linking other student information pages to your Boarder Summary view.

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