11.12 Lookups

FInd it:  System Configuration >> Lookups

Lookup refers to the reference name that REACH uses when using your primary drop down selectors. It is called a look up because REACH looks up the options that are available from the system configuration for the primary drop down field items.

REACH has two Lookup Types by default.  

Year / Grade

House / Dorm

You can create as many Lookups as you need to in these categories and they will appear in all REACH lists as primary filtering oprions for you data list.  

Lookups also form the basis for allocating student groups to staff for notifications and approvals. Your Lookups will appear in the Groups Managed section of your staff profiles so that staff may be associated with groups of students.

Adding a new Lookup

Click on the Add Lookup button in the Lookups page

Give the Lookup a label and select the type of Lookup you are creating.