11.06 Groups

Find it:  System Configuration >> Groups

REACH allows administrators to create different types of groups for Students, Staff and General (can be used for Parents, Hosts and other contacts)

Groups can be used to simplify some tasks in REACH. They isolate a population of users so that they can be easily identified for activities such as a notification or a roll-call. A group can be any collection of people with a common interest, classification or role in REACH.  

In order for someone to be assigned to a group, the group must first be created.  

How to add a new group

Click on the Add Group option button in the Boarder Groups page in the System Configuration Menu.

Select the Type of Group that you want to create and Enter a Label for the Group Name.

Once a group is created you can add contacts to the group through the People Management screen.  Adding a number of people at once to a group can be achieved by doing a bulk edit for the people in the People Management section of REACH.