11.03 Contact Flags

Getting there:  System Configuration >> Contact Flags

Contact Flags provide a method to link specific Leave Approvers with specific Students or groups of students in the leave approvals process. 

By default, REACH identifies the relevant staff members responsible for approving a student's leave request by their associated Dorm and Grade levels. Contact Flags allow you to set additional information about a user that can be used by REACH to override the normal rules that determine the pathway for how leave approvals process.

How to use Contact Flags in REACH

In some schools there may be specific groups of students (eg: indigenous or overseas boarders) who have dedicated staff contact points in addition to their year or house master.  Using Contact Flags is a way to isolate these boarders into a specific, additional group so that you may direct their permissions workflow through a different pathway. Any leave request that students with a Contact Flag submit can be directed to a designated staff member with the same Contact Flag in their record.

A flag only works when the appropriate staff member is set with the same flag.

Creating Contact Flags

Creating Contact Flags is a simple process of creating the label (name) for the Flag.  It can then be applied to individual boarder profiles in the Metadata option of the People Management Menu.