Lists Components

The structure of the Lists module is made up of three (3) sections

Question Management

You can create questions on a per list basis or you can save Question templates to a Question Bank in the Question Management section.
Questions in the Question Bank can be used in multiple lists and saves you from having to create replica questions across multiple Lists if you are seeking common data.
Question Management is covered in section 33.1 of this guide.

List Designer

The List Designer is where you build and configure a list or form that you want to use. In this section you will set the questions to be used in the list and the mechanics of the List such as who the audience is, how often they will see the list, etc. 

List Designer details is covered in section 33.2 of this guide.

List Management

List Management is your live lists dashboard where all of the data for list that you have published and are being populated by your audience is being displayed. Here you can see the results of your current or historic lists and export that data for use in external systems.



The list of participants for your list. Who is able to see the list and complete or submit the list questions.

Available Answers

Drop down select questions require a set of available answers that can be selected in the drop down select option.


A Yes or No type question

Drop down

A type of question where users can select from a range of options for their answer. Drop downs may be single select or multi select.

Hidden Question

Questions that are not displayed to the audience. May be lookup fields that compliment your data table or questions that require staff to answer when managing the list results.


An existing field in REACH. You can use Lookups as a question type so that you get REACH relevant information or selections in your lists


Questions are the content for lists. Mostly these are questions that you will be seeking a reply from the audience

Question Bank

The question bank is a collection of question templates that you can use in any list. These questions appear on your Question Management table and can be selected when using the List Designer for use in any list.

Question template

A question template is a preconfigured question that you can use in any list. These are created in your Question management screen and are saved to your Question bank. You can edit question templates from your Question Management table.

Response Table

The display of your list responses in the List Management view