List Management

List Management is where you list results are displayed. Data can be viewed, edited and exported from the List Management screen.
The display will present your lists in a table with your designated audience as the row titles and your list questions as your column titles.

Question Description

Available Lists The left side column displays all of your active lists for selection to populate the List Responses display. This column can be opened/closed using the Toggle button (3).

List Responses Display Provides details of your list and any responses received. Names of your audience members forms the row headers and each question forma a column header.

Toggle Available Lists Open or close the Available lists column. Allows you to close the Available Lists column to achieve a full page width display of your list responses.

Date Enter the date to see responses for the relevant date you are seeking. Default view is the current date.

Business Logic Some lists may utilise business logic to implement the response data into the REACH system. This logic is built as required so contact your REACH manager if you would like to implement some business logic from your lists.

Search Use the Search field to look for any individual in your list.

Download CSV Quickly and easily export your results for use in other platforms or systems using the export to csv option.

Rank your results

You can rank your results by clicking on the column header that you want to rank your data by. Clicking multiple times will change the ranking ranking between high-to-low and low-to-high.

Update data in the responses table

When viewing data in the responses table staff an update any fields that need to be completed or edited. Sometimes there may be hidden fields that need completing by staff prior to using the list for its intended purpose or perhaps there are changes to existing data that need to be updated.

Automatic reset

Your list response data table will refresh automatically to whatever schedule you have set in your visibility type setting. For example, Daily lists will reset its response data (clear) every day.