33. Lists Manager

The REACH Lists Manager module allows you to collect an unlimited number of lists from your system users. Lists are like forms, with questions that are answered by your audience and with answers that can be used to influence how your REACH portal operates.
The Lists module is very versatile and can be used to create sign up lists, booking forms, confirmation submissions, survey forms, afternoon activity lists, transport bookings, etc.  Your lists and forms can be shared with students, parents and staff for completion as an efficient way for you to collect relevant information for your operations.
Examples of some list types are

  • Afternoon activities registration
  • School transport booking list
  • Schedule an early wake up call
  • Meal time intention (meal required/not required)
  • Covid-19 daily health survey

Extension Module

Lists Manage is a REACH Extension Module. The module is available in your REACH portal for free however free use is limited to using 5 active lists.

You can upgrade the module for unlimited usage for $99 per annum.