32 Voyage Transport Manager

USER GUIDE - REACH Extension Module

Voyage Extension Module $199 p.a

Voyage is an optional module that you can activate in order to enhance the Leave Transport Type data collection and management in your leave requests.



Reach Voyage is an optional module that enhances the "Leave Transport Type" and "Return Transport Type" fields for leave requests.  

When Voyage is activated in your REACH portal you can create an unlimited number of transport type templates which can be used to collect and report transport information in your Transport Hub dashboard.

Where Voyage is different from the standard transport types in REACH is in its data collection capability.  Data fields that are collected in Voyage templates for transport legs used in a leave request can be collated in display tables for easy viewing or exporting. This allows you to easily build collections of common transport details (eg: to see a list of all flights being taken for your end of term leave departures).

Voyage Transport legs have multiple fields

When selecting a Voyage transport type as a transport method users are presented with a number of fields representing the data that you have elected to collect.  You can determine what information is collected by setting the template fields for each Voyage transport type.

Users can add multiple transport legs to a leave request

When the Voyage module is activated you can add multiple transport legs to a leave request in the Voyage module so it is possible to collect all details of multi-leg journeys such as connecting flights.

The Voyage Transport Hub will collate all of your transport types for easy reporting

The Voyage Transport Hub is your transport manager. A place where you can see all of your voyage data collated in tables by transport type for easy viewing, editing, exporting and reporting.