31.2 Assigning medications to students

Once medications are placed on your Medications Register they are available to allocate or permit for each student.

When to Assign and when to Permit

Prescription Medications (PMO) are assigned to students. Only qualified staff should assign a prescribed medication to a student's profile. When doing so they will be required to set the frequency and dosage for the medication. Once the PMO is assigned to a student with frequency and dosage details, REACH will then maintain a daily schedule of the prescribed medications to students on the Daily Medications Board.

Over the counter (OTC) medications are an open list of medications. These are made available to all students and parents or guardians are then required to set the permits for a student to receive OTC medications. If a student does not have a permit for an OTC then it will not be available for them to receive.

Medications for each student are managed and displayed on the Medical Tab of each student's personal profile.   The medical tab has five sub-tabs in the display

  1. General Medical Information
  2. Medical Conditions
  3. Medications
  4. Appointments (coming soon)
  5. Notes (coming soon)