31 Medications Module

UserGuide 31 PDF - Medications Manager UserGuide

Medications Manager Extensions Module
Medications manager is an optional Reach extension module.  It provides advanced features for the provisioning, management, record keeping and reporting of medications to students. This module requires an additional annual subscription for access.

Medications Dispensary provides schools with a mechanism to achieve the following;

  1.  Create medications
    Create a medicines register for Prescription Medicines (PMO) and Over the Counter (OTC) medicines.

  2.  Obtain Parent Permits
    Record permissions from parents for administering OTC medicines to students that directly updates a student profile.

  3.  Allocate medications
    Prescription Medicines to students with dosage and frequency requirements 

  4.  Daily Dispensary List
    Provide a daily Scheduled Medication list for Nursing and other Staff to work from.

  5.  Administer Prescription medications
    Record the dispensing of Prescription Medicines to students.

  6.  Administer Over the Counter medications
    Record the dispensing of OTC medicines to students.

  7.  Generate reports
    Provide historic reports for the dispensing of medicines by date, by medication, by student or by dispensing staff members.  

Control who can administer medications
Reach allows you to identify which staff members are permitted to administer medicaitons. you can limit each individual staff member’s authority by medication type and by category of medication. Managing staff permisisons for administering medications is coverd in section 31.4 of ths guide.



Prescribed Medications Only are medicines that are prescribed by doctors or nurses for students. You need a doctor's prescription to buy prescription medicines from a pharmacist. Otherwise, only authorised health care professionals can supply them, such as in a hospital setting.


Over the Counter medications are medicines that you can buy over-the-counter (OTC) for self-treatment from pharmacies, with selected products also available in supermarkets, health food stores and other retailers.

Medication Type

Each medicine must belong to an medication type. Medications types can be Prescription Medication Only (PMO) or Over the Counter (OTC) medication. The Medication Type will determine how the medicine can be assigned or made available to students. It also determines how the medicine can be administered.

Medication Category

Within each Medication Type are Categories of medicines. Each medicine must belong to a Type and a Category so that staff permissions to administer and parent permits for OTCs can be managed.

Daily Medication Board

The Daily Medications Board is the dashboard in REACH where scheduled daily PMOs are displayed and the dashboard from where all medications are dispensed (including OTCs). The Daily Medications Board is a split table. The top section contains a list of Scheduled Medications for the day and their current status. The bottom section contains a list of all medicines that have been administered for the day including all scheduled medications that have been administered and all OTC's that have been administered.

Scheduled Medication

Scheduled Medications are medicines that have a designated dosage and delivery time for students. This list appears daily on the Daily Medications Board and will include any PMO medications or OTC medications that have been prescribed by a doctor or nurse with required administering for the day.

Administered Medication

Administered Medications is a list of medicines for each day that have been administered to students. This list will include the scheduled PMO and OTC medications for the day that have been administered already and also any OTC medications that have been administered that were not scheduled.