Extension Module Guides

Do more with Extensions

REACH Extensions are modules that extend the capability of Reach.  We create Extension Modules in response to requests from schools for various additional skills in Reach or where we see a specific need to enhance specific capabilities of Reach to help schools to better manage their Boarding operations.

Extensions are User Pay - Opt-in Modules

Each Extension Module provides skills that are sought after by some schools, but may not be required by all schools. For this reason Reach Extension Modules are offered on a user pay system rather than made available for all portals.

Extension modules will all undergo continuous development to enhance their capabilities over time based on their popularity and need. 

Try before you buy

You are welcome to trial Reach Extensions at no cost for an entire school term at any time.  Please just Reach out to us through support@reach.cloud and we can assist you to set up the module and help you get the most out of your trial.