8.01 Duty Report Categories

System Configuration>>Duty Report Categories

REACH allows you to create a customised Duty Report which you can circulate to any staff users.

Creating Duty Report Categories or Sections

You can create an unlimited number of categories or reporting sections for your report. In addition, each section can be isolated and shared with unique recipients.

Label is the name of the section or category in your report.

Order is the sequence of the section or category in your report

Help Text is the text placeholder that users will see in your report explaining what you would like them to enter in the section or category.

Email is the address that you would like to share the section with whenever the report is submitted.  If provided, this email address will be sent ONLY this section of EVERY Duty report  submitted.  This is useful for routing maintainence issues to maintainence staff, medical issues to medical staff, etc.