11.23 Transport Types

Find it:  System Configuration>>Transport Types

Leave Transport Types are the methods used for students to depart and return to campus in their leave requests.

There are two (2) ways to manage Transport Type selections in leave requests:

  1.   Standard Transport Type selections
      Standard Transport type selections are the default setting for all REACH portals.  These allow you to set an unlimited number of transport methods that can be selected when creating a leave request. Note that the transport types available for any individual leave type can be managed by leave type in the leave type configuration settings (transport types permitted).

  2.   REACH Voyage Transport manager
      REACH Voyage is an optional extension that allows you to enhance the leave transport type management.
    When Voyage is activated in your REACH portal you can create transport type templates which can be used to collect and report transport information in your Transport Hub dashboard. Where Voyage is different from the standard transport types in REACH is in its data collection capability.  Data fields that are collected in Voyage templates for transport legs used in a leave request can be collated in display tables for easy viewing or exporting. This allows you to easily build collections of common transport details (eg: to see a list of all flights being taken for your end of term leave departures).

Standard Transport Types

You can set an unlimited number of Leave Transport Types and when setting up your Leave Types you have the capability to set which Leave Transport Types can be used with each individual Leave Type.

Is the name given to your Leave Transport Type.

You can set the Transport Type to be available for departure, return or both directions.

Flight Details
Setting this to Yes will require flight details to be submitted using the Leave Notes template when submitting the Leave Request.

Taxi Details
Setting this to Yes will require Taxi details to be submitted using the Leave Notes template when submitting the Leave Request.

Voyage Transport Manager

Voyage Transport Manager is an optional product extension.  When the Voyage module is activated additional configuration settings will become available in your Transport Type configuration settings.

The configuration for individual Transport Types has a new property that can be selected called Uses Voyage.  This property determines if the transport type will operate as a standard transport type or as a Voyage transport type. 

See the Extensions User Guide - Voyage Transport Manager for more details on how to set up and use the Voyage module.