11.02 Communications

Getting there:  System Configuration >> Communications

Your Communications configuration settings determine the display names that your users will see in communications that are sent by REACH.

Email from Address

Emails sent from REACH can have a "spoofed" email address used as the From email header. This will allow you to brand all emails with an address you are able to control. This is necessary so that you are able to configure your mail server SPAM/JUNK settings correctly.

Country Code Mobile Prefix

When sending any SMS communications, REACH needs to fully quallify all mobile numbers, which means, including the country the mobile phone resides in. This is the DEFAULT value. If you specify a +X(X*) value in any mobile number, that will be used instead of this one.

SMS Caller ID

When sending any SMS communications, REACH will use this value as the Caller ID. Max length: 11 characters. Not applicable for USA Schools.


For SMS facilities to operate in REACH your portal needs to be connect to a SMS provider using an API connection.  This is the API connection key that is provided by your SMS provider.