11.0 System Configuration


The System Configuration section is like the nervous system of your REACH portal.  It is where you establish the ground rules of how REACH will operate on your campus.  How you configure REACH will determine how the system permits, restricts or manages people, events and activities as they occur on your campus.

You can find the System Configuration in the menu bar on left side.

Through System Configuration you can create and manage the following details for your REACH Portal.

11.01  Assets

11.02  Communicatons

11.03  Contact Flags

11.04 Dispensary

11.05  Duty Report Categories

11.06 Events

11.07  General Settings

11.08  Groups

11.09  Infinity - User Access Control

11.10  Kitchen

11.11  Leave General

11.12  Leave Types

11.13  Locations

11.14  Lookups (Grades & Dorms)

11.15  Meal Settings

11.16  Medical Conditions

11.17 Medications

11.18  Network

11.19  News

11.20  Pastoral Care 

11.21  Quotas

11.22  Roll Call Categories

11.23  RSS Feeds

11.24 Signatures

11.25  Transport Types

11.26  User Defined Fields