10.1.2 Faculty & Staff Profiles

Faculty & Staff have twelve (10) relevant tabs of information for editing on the staff profile.  It is common for Faculty & Staff users to have a variety of user roles in REACH because there are different faculty or staff roles that are performed in your school boarding environment.

See section 10.04 for a definition of each information tab

You can create as many staff user roles are you require in REACH and each role can have a unique set of uesr permissions.  User Roles are created and their permissions structure managed in System Configuration >> Infinity (User Access Control) however staff are allocaed their user role in REACH in the Security section of their user profile.

The relevant tabs for Faculty and Staff in REACH are;

  1.  Personal Data
  2.  Address Details
  3.  Security
  4.  Metadata
  5.  Associations
  6.  Groups
  7.  Groups Managed

8.  Identifiers
9.  Medical
10.  Photo
11.  Accessibility
12.  User Defined
13.  Quotas
14.  Documents

The essential sections that need completing for staff/faculty members for successful operation in REACH are highlighted. All of the other sections can be used to enhance how REACH operates for your boarding operation.

Groups Managed
For staff that are involved in approving leave the Groups Managed is a critically important tab to update because this is where you set which Grade or House groups each staff member is the supervisor for. REACH matches the House "and" the Year setting of each student to the relevant staff member(s) who's settings match the House and Year of the student requesting leave.

If a staff member is a Leave Approver for example then they will receive notifications for the Grade and house groups that they are set in their Groups Managed profile.


The House and Year details are matched to align student to supervising staff members.

In some instances faculty & staff may also be a parent or host to a student at your school. It is possible in these instances to permit a faculty/staff member to operate in REACH with a parent or host association to students by adjusting their security settings in the Permissions tab to "can act as a host to a boarder".