10.1.1 Student Profile

Students have twelve (12) relevant tabs of information for editing on the student profile.  All other types of user follow a similar structure however the student has the largest range of data to manage in their profiles.

 1. Personals Data

 2. Address Details

 3. Security

 4. Metadata

 5. Associations

 6. Groups

7.  Identifiers

8.  Medical

9.  Photo

10. Permissions

11. User Defined

12. Quotas

See section 10.1.4 for a definition of each information tab

Deleted status can be set as Yes or No.  No data in REACH is ever deleted. Setting a student to a delated status will hide them from your screen views but it "will not" delete their historic data. This is the canse for all user roles.

If REACH is connected to your school's student information system then all of the personoal details for students will not be be maintained in REACH.  Any changes will need to be made in your student information system in order to populate REACH fields.