105 People, Security Levels and Roles

REACH operates around the concept of people or individuals assuming one or more Roles within your boarding system and each Role is assigned a Base Security Level which determines it's access and control permissions.

You can have an unlimited number or Roles in your REACH portal and it is possible for users to operate with more than one Role however each Role requires a separate, individual login identity.

The general categories of User Type Roles commonly used in REACH are

  1. Students

  2. Parents

  3. Hosts

  4. Staff/Faculty

Students, Parents and Hosts are most often used as a single Role type however it is common for there to be several levels of Staff/Faculty roles which reflects the range of authority and participation levels that staff undertake in a school environment.  

User Roles and Base security levels are managed by REACH Infinity - User Access Control in the System Configuration settings.

The ABC of Access Control

REACH Infinity is the name of the REACH User Access Security System. This is a robust and flexible system that allows you to have control across the entire user base to manage the Access, Behaviour and Control functions of every user in REACH.

User Access Control is essentially the management of User Permissions. In REACH this is maintained using Sets of Permissions that are created for each User Type profile and which can then be applied to an individual or groups of individuals.

A unique and powerful feature in REACH is that you can manage user permissions at the Macro and Micro level.

The Macro level

You can manage accessibility permissions for any group of users by setting profiles for user roles

The Micro Level

You can manage at a micro level by with the flexibility to adjust the Accessibility settings at a granular level for every individual user.