Reach BioPad Guide


Android mobile device with Biometrics and RFID


The Reach BioPad is a device that is used with the REACH Boarding System. It allows schools to use Biometrics (fingerprints) as an authentication method for students and staff.  

Reach BioPads are a versatile product and can be used to complete a range of Reach functions and transactions including 

Operate as a Student Kiosk

Track the movement of students as they move to and from various locations that the school tracks. This includes approved leave departures and returns, in addition to other on and off campus locations that the school tracks. Knowing where a student is at any time is an important duty of care requirement for the school and allows them to know, at any time, where students are in case there is an emergency.

Complete automated Roll Calls & Registers

Conduct Automated Rollcalls where student register their presence at a time and place (eg: breakfast rollcall, weekend mid-day campus check)

Capture & Verify Host Identity

Capture and verify host and parent identities when collecting students for off campus leave events. This includes the ability to capture signatures and/or photographs of the host that is collecting the student for a leave event.

The REACH BioPad is able to use several methods of authentication in order to verify a user’s identity including;

  1. PIN number
  2. RFID card read
  3. NFC Device read
  4. Biometric Fingerprint
  5. Biometric Facial Recognition 

Note:  Biometric Facial Recognition is not activated in the REACH BioPad at the time of writing this document however there is an option to use this feature in the future. This document is concerned specifically with providing parents, guardians, hosts and staff with information and guidelines on policies and procedures for the collection, storage, utilisation and storage of Biometric Fingerprint Data by REACH BioPad.


SystemAndroid 5.1 Quad-core 1.3GHz

8" 1280x800 pixels IPS Capacitive Multi Touch Screen

HD Camera

5 Mega Pixels(Front Camera)
8 Mega Pixels with Flash light, Auto Focus (Rear Camera)


Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
4G: FDD-LTE/TD-LTE supported
Bluetooth: 4.0

Battery8000mAh Li0ion rechargeable battery,
16 hours use, 25 days standby

D/C 5V, 1.5A

Weight765g net | 945g packaged
Dimensions220 x 132 x 26.5 mm (L*W*H)
Temperature & HumidityOperation: 0℃~45℃, 10%~75%
Storage: -20℃~50℃, 5%~85%