Am I going to get a separate email for each user?

Yes, if you set up the questions to email someone on both a YES and NO response. You will only get one email per user. The email will condense all the responses that you were set to be notified of.  If a question is missing, check that you were correctly set to be notified of that response.

How do I create an account that can ONLY respond to surveys?

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > Infinity.
  2. Create a new Base Security.
  3. Click Permissions on the left and open the Dashboards settings.
  4. Turn off all permissions except MM_VIS_HELP under the Help settings and MM_VIS_DASHBOARDS_METRICS under the Dashboards settings.

How do I prevent unauthorized staff from viewing the results of the survey?

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > Infinity.
  2. Select the Role you would like to modify.
  3. Click Permissions on the left and open the Dashboards settings.

Staff members can't see the Staff section in the sidebar of the mobile app. How do I enable it?

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > Infinity.
  2. Select the Role you would like to modify.
  3. Click Permissions on the left and open the Staff settings
  4. Turn on MM_VIS_STAFF

How do I send a reminder to complete the survey?

Toggle Bulk Selection Mode and select the users you would like to message.  You can quickly select all users in a particular state by clicking a state in the Selection Toggle.
Click the Quick Message button and type the message you would like to send. You can choose the method with which to send the message:

  • Email: Send the user an email
  • SMS: Send the user a text message
  • PUSH: Send the user a push notification to their mobile device.
  • Internal: Use REACH's internal messaging system. *Deprecated*