Designing your Survey

The survey is deigned to capture Yes/No answers that can trigger instruction responses to the survey participant and alert staff when a positive symptoms answer is received.
To create your Covid-19 Symptoms Survey navigate in the menu bar of your REACH portal to Surveys and click Basic Form Management.

Set the Form Details



The title displayed to the audience and users.


Set the days of the week that you are expecting responses for.

Is Active?

Hide or show the survey.


Select the user roles in your portal that will be your survey audience (ie: who you want responses from)

Form Preamble

You can introduce the survey with custom information or preamble.


Set your survey questions

Filter participating students

If Students/Boarders are selected in the audience dropdown, you will be prompted with additional options. 

  • Student Filters: You can set filters so only certain dorms, years, groups, and current locations are able to complete the survey.
  • Include Student's Parents?: Allow parents to complete the survey on behalf of their child. 

How to create Survey Questions

You can customize your survey questions and you can trigger automatic actions to message users and/or contact staff based on the Yes or No answer received for each question. .

Click the Add Question button

Question Text

The question that will be displayed to the audience.


Set where in the order the question will be asked in.

What to do on Yes

Set the workflow if you want a Yes response to trigger an action.

What to do on No

Set the workflow if you want a No response to trigger an action.

Triggered response actions

You can set the following actions to occur based on the Yes or No response to any question.

  • Do nothing: - No workflow will be triggered.
  • Email someone: - Send an email to someone. You can send emails to multiple people by separating emails with a comma.
  • Display message to user: - Define the message displayed to the user in a pop-up when they complete the survey.
  • Email someone, display message to user: - Triggers both actions when the survey is submitted.