31.4 Security Settings

Security is critical when it comes to managing medicines, handling private medical information and administering medications to students and REACH has specific control measures in place that allow you to control access to medical information and the ability to medicate students in the Medications module.

Controlling Staff access to medical information and medications

Staff member access to medications and to administering medications is controlled by the user's Base Security Settings in REACH Infinity, the access control manager for REACH users in your System Configuration. The Medical access Base Security settings will determine what each staff member can access, edit and control.  These profiles are set by User Role however they can also be maintained at the individual user level if a user's access profile needs to vary from other staff members in the same role type. You can refer to section 11.07 of the REACH User Guide for more details about User Access Control.


Go to System Configuration > Infinity Access Control > User Role > Base Security Settings > Permissions > Medical

The five Base Security settings which control access to medications can be found in the Medical section of the user's Base Security Settings. You can set the following controls to Yes or No;

Med_Create controls whether the user is able to create medications in your medications register.

Med_Edit controls whether a user is able to edit medications on your medications register.

Med_Assign determines whether a user is able to allocate or prescribe PMOs to students.

Med_Cat_Assign determines whether a user is able to set other users' permissions in regards to administering medications.

Med_Cat_Administer determines whether a user is able to administer medications to students. 

Permission to medicate requires dual settings

Administering medications is a critically important activity which exposes your school to risk. For this reason there is a requirement for two setting to be managed by approved staff before staff members can be permitted to  medicate students.

  1. Base Security Setting
    The Med_Cat_Administer setting in the Base Security settings of a staff member's profile must be set to [Yes]. This setting determines whether a user is permitted to administer medications. Setting Base Security settings for users is restricted to users who have access to the System Configuration section of REACH or to the Permissions tab in the People Management module.
  2. Approved Dispensing Categories 
    When a staff member has been permitted to administer medications to students, the Dispensing tab will be displayed in their Personal Profile (Medical tab). The medication categories that they are permitted to administer to students needs to be set individually for each permitted staff member. You cannot bulk allocate dispensing category permissions for staff. This is a security control procedure that can only be managed on an individual basis.

Control which medications staff can administer

Staff are permitted to administer medications to students if their [Med_Cat_Adminis] setting is set to [Yes] in their Base Security setting.  For these staff you are required to set the categories of medication that each staff member is permitted to administer individually.

Setting the medication categories that a staff member can administer is done in the Medical tab of each staff member's personal profile. If a staff member is permitted to administer medications then the Dispensary sub tab will contain the list of Medication Categories that are available for administering.  Setting permissions to administer a category of medication will enable dispensing of all medications in that category by the staff member.


 Go to Staff Personal Profile > Medical Tab > Dispensary