26.2.2 Permitting (or prohibiting) OTC medications

When OTC medications are created and placed on your Medications Register they become available to all students in their personal Medications Profile.  By default, REACH will not allow for the administering of an OTC medication to a student unless the student has a permit for the OTC medication item category. 

Permits and prohibitions are set by the parent as part of the Parent Permits structure in REACH.  Staff who have the permission [med_assign] set to [Yes] in their Base Security (Accessibility) profile are able to set permits for students for OTC medications also.

Where are Permits from Parents?

For Parents and students the medications list is available in their My Account profile >> Permits Tab

Where are Permits from Staff?

For Staff with access to a student's medical profile this is visible via the Student's profile page >> Medical Tab >> Medications Tab