26.2.1 Assigning Prescription Medications to students

Once a prescription medication is added to your Medications Register is becomes available for you to allocate the medicine to a student's profile for dispensing.

Clicking on the New Prescription Medication button in a student's profile allows you to enter their prescription details and allocate the relevant prescribed medicine from your medication register. 

Scheduled medications

Once a medication is prescribed for a student in their medications profile then REACH will schedule the medication to the daily medications board in line with the frequency and time set for the prescription.  

You are required to enter the following details

  1. Select the Prescribed Medicine from your medications register
  2. Set the frequency and time
  3. Set the dosage quantity and type
  4. Write any relevant notes to display at dispensing


Setting Medication frequency

You can set medications to occur daily or according to frequency pattern of your setting.  

Daily Dosages

For medications that require multiple dosage per day you can set multiple times for a Daily frequency. Setting the frequency to daily and selecting multiple times for the day will schedule the medication for those times on the day.

Note that on the dispensary board only the one current instance of the scheduled medication will display in the Scheduled board and the next instance will not display until the first has been dispensed (ie: moved to the Dispensed board).

Dosages with non daily patterns

For medications where the frequency is not every day you can use the pattern creator.  This will allow you to set a range of patterns for up to 5 week cycles that will be continued repeatedly until the expiry date of the medication.

Multi week cycles are designed to allow for different pattern to be set in the subsequent weeks and run as a cycle.

Example - Medication every 2nd day requires a 2 week cycle
Week 1  Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun 8am 
Week 2  Tues-Thurs-Sat 8am

Example - Medication Every 3rd day requires a 3 week cycle 
Week 1  Mon - Thurs - Sun 
Week 2  Wed - Sat
Week 3  Tues - Fri