31.1.02 Medication Categories

Categories of Medicines

Within each Type of medicine, you may also create Categories of medicines.

Categories allow you to maintain collections of similar medicines into a group which can then form part of your permissions structure for staff access, for administering medications or for parents to permit or prohibit students to take.

For example:
Antihistamines may be set as a category for OTC medications. Multiple items or medicines can then be added to your medications register and added to the OTC-Antihistamine category. Your school may then enable parents to permit or prohibit their child from receiving medicines in this category or you provide staff with (or deny them from) permission to administer this category of medicine.



How to create or edit Categories of Medicine

Creating your medicine categories is part of your initial system configuration. 

By default your REACH Medications module will have a number of preset categories for your PMO and OTC medicine types. These can be edited in your System Configuration > Lookups section. Lookups is where you set all of your primary lookup categories for REACH including your Year and Dorm lookups.


Go to  System Configuration > Lookups to create or edit your medicine Categories.

Using medication Category to control staff permission to administer

Using medication Category to set staff permission to administer.