30.1.2 Event Templates

Events that you have created can be saved as Event Templates. All of your saved templates will be available to re-use in in the Create New Event screen.

How to save an Event Template

To save an new event that you have created as a template, tick the Make Available As Template option when saving the event.  The details of the event that you are then editing or creating will be saved as a template for future use.

How to use an Event Template

Using templates is easy. Simply select the Load Template option when creating an event and the template selection modal will appear for you to access all of the templates that you have saved in your Events system.  Selecting the event template will then install all of the basic information for the saved template including the description, checklist and any notes that are marked as belonging to the template.  When using a template to create an event you need to set the start/finish times, reset any visibility filters and edit or adjust the description.

Event Template