30 Recreation Events Manager

REACH Events is an efficient management tool for organising, sharing and managing recreation activities, excursions or events being held by your school.  



Recreation Events Manager - Reach Extension Module

Recreation Events Manager is an optional Reach extension module.  It provides advanced features for the management of recreation and other extra-curricular events. This module requires an additional annual subscription for access.

Integrated with your REACH database

REACH Events provides a seamless integration with your REACH Boarding database so that when events are created and run in REACH it will automatically create a Group within your REACH system containing the registered attendees. This Group can then be used to create a bulk leave request for parent approval, to do enable a bulk signout to the event when departing and for taking rollcalls whilst at the event.

Suitable for any organised activity

REACH Events is suitable for use for any organised activity and it provides the following features;

  •  Create unlimited Events

  •  Manage your invitations for all or some of your student population

  •  Schedule automated tasks for notifications and reminders

  •  Create Event templates for multiple or recurring use

  •  Link Leave requests to your Event

  •  Link Rollcalls or Registers to your Event

  •  Track attendees and event feed for chargeout to parents

  •  Event Budget Tracker

  •  Event Notes

  •  Event Checklists

  •  Event Reports

  •  Post Event Surveys